Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My studio

I always like it on other blogs when people post pictures of their studios or work spaces. So today I thought I'd post a couple pictures of mine! This is my home studio, and another place I work is Holy City (another studio, 2 miles from mine) Another time I will take some pictures there and post those too. In these - my self portrait is propped on the window ledge, and a painting in progress is on the drawing board. The room is actually supposed to be a bedroom, so I keep my drawing board in the closet, so I can shut it away at the end of the day, and I have notice boards on the insides of the doors for little bits of paper relating to certain projects.
Usually The bench in the middle is bigger, but I recently made it smaller so I have more floor space. This is the best work space (at home) I have ever had, and feel very lucky to have it. I love spending time in it, being creative, with a cup of cardamon or chai tea, and some good music on the Ipod!


  1. What a wonderful work space....a room with a view! I especially like how you're using the closet space...very clever!

  2. Thanks! I must admit - I thought it was rather clever too - I was quite pleased with myself for that idea!! Drawing boards are ugly and cumbersome at the best of times!!