Friday, March 6, 2009

Preserving rainbows

I've just finished a couple new panels for a bathroom. Mostly clear textured glass, with a few glass nuggets and some sand blasting. Always hard to take photos of, especially where I live amongst the redwood trees - not much good light. Should have thought to harness some of that rainbow light and keep a jar or two of it in the magic bag - but was to busy trying to take photos!But still, I think you can just about see the textured effect. They look nicer in the flesh!

Today I'll lead the rabbit panel, so should have pics of that by next week.


  1. I love these colours and textures - I must remember some day to send you a photo I took recently in Tewkesbury Cathedral of the most amazing stained glass window, I'll search it out (please remind me if I appear to have forgotten). Best of luck with the writing. Ann (from UK)

  2. Thanks Ann, I'd love to see the glass pic you have!