Monday, March 9, 2009


Time 'sprung' forward yesterday, and it's impossible not to notice the difference in the late afternoon, as the day draws out with wonderful golden light. When the sun comes out, it's instantly warm, and the damp trees and roads around the house steam as moisture is spirited skyward, ready to re-fill the clouds and fall elsewhere as rain: re-incarnated again.

This little panel of a birdhouse and blue birds was made for the front door of a friends' mountain home, up in the Sierra's. They have recently moved to a beautiful home in Morgan Hill, and, to my surprise, brought the panel with them. Over the weekend they asked me to put hanging rings on it so they can place it in a window in their new home. So now, it too, will start it's second life.

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  1. This panel definitely makes you feel like Spring. It's very sweet!