Monday, March 23, 2009

Lets get serious!

Seems like a while since I've posted artwork, rather than (much more exciting!) pictures of button dogs and stray dogs! So today I'll go all serious and post a drawing I did for a stained glass window.

This is actually a self portrait, and it is one I own rather than it being a commission. I decided to make it as a 'sample' piece to showcase my skills and techniques for glass. Now I'm glad I did, as it is so easy to get carried away with doing work for other people, that you never have anything for yourself. I'm glad I actually have this, rather than just photos of it. There is kind of a story behind it, but today I will post the drawing, and tomorrow - the finished window.


  1. That's a great drawing Joanna - slightly brooding, slightly menacing . . . Is that real bloodstains, bottom left and right?

  2. Ha! it does look like blood doesn't it.
    No! - those are stained glass paint marks that got blobbed on there when I painted it and used this drawing for reference - shame really!

    Yes - she is supposed to be slightly 'Mona Lisa-ish' in appearance: what exactly is she trying to say?! I'd love to hear any interpretations before I reveal all!