Friday, March 13, 2009

Time to visit a friend

I think my blog is in need of some illustrative color. So we'll stop by the painted house of the 'Jaquets' and have some tea. Thats Cari and Skippy on the front porch, watching their daughter Lili play with Tulip the dog. Sadly, no more than two weeks after I painted this picture (just before Christmas) Tulip died after a rattlesnake bite. But I'm glad I have her here on canvas - captured in time. This is actually their house. And I thought it looked so 'folk arty' that I decided to paint it as a folk art picture. It is acrylic on canvas board (16x20") finished with crackle glaze.

I am thinking of having a few made up as giclees maybe.

Skippy has a wonderful new copper tea kettle, and I think I can hear it whistling now. Hmm - black mango or cardamon tea? thats a tough one! Welcome Karen to my blog! thankyou for coming to see me, I hope you like adventures and tea - I've laid you out a cup!

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