Monday, March 2, 2009

Remembering Morris

Rain, rain, rain! The mountain is covered with new little riverlets and streams, seeping out of fissures and bubbling up from the ground. And all of it runs down hill towards the thirsty Lexington reservoir, Hooray! whose tummy is gradually swelling with chocolate brown water.

So, best for me to find a cosy corner of the magic bag and settle down to some work. Today I will bring the 'Morris' rabbits to life by providing them with fur and twitchy noses. I love William Morris designs. So much wonderful detail and pattern. It reminds me of my training in Stained Glass. Many years ago, I went to The Morris Museum in Walthamstow, London. I was so inspired having been there that I decided to do a copy of one of the Morris angels. Here is the finished panel. It is only small, but something I am now very pleased to have made, whilst I had the opportunity.


  1. i love william morris too! your angel is stunning.

  2. Thanks! I had the most fun making it - really helps you to understand how they did the technical stuff historically.